NR67 – Liberty Star Defines North Half of Neola Breccia Pipe, Drill Hole 6 Collared to Define South Half

TUCSON, Arizona– February 12, 2008–Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp. (the “Company”) (OTCBB: LBSU – News) is pleased to announce that diamond drill hole NEOL-05 has penetrated the northeast wall of the Neola breccia pipe, penetrating and testing a surface geochemical anomaly as well. The surface projection and the depth of the 45 degree angle drill hole has a length and depth of 360 feet. Breccia intersection in NEOL – 05 plus breccia encountered in drill holes NEOL – 01, 02, 03, and 04 have been reviewed in detail and show the following:

1.       The holes have penetrated the northwest and northeast walls of the Neola breccia pipe in four places.
2.       The north half of the breccia pipe is roughly circular and it is presumed the south half will be as well.  This will be confirmed by drilling.
3.       It has an approximate diameter of 600 feet.
4.       It contains strongly broken (brecciated) rock in which fragments of the overlying Moenkopi formation are down dropped into the underlying Kaibab limestone.  This is a characteristic of all the known mineralized breccia pipes in the uranium breccia province of northern Arizona
5.       The fragmental breccia is moderately to strongly altered and infused with finely disseminated pyrite (iron sulfide) in the breccia matrix, in the breccia fragments and in cross cutting veinlets.  Much of the pyrite has been oxidized to red and yellow iron oxides (hematite and limonite) by downward moving oxygen bearing surface water (supergene solutions).
6.       No uranium or other metals of economic interest have yet been identified.  However none were expected at the depths so far penetrated.  Uranium is not expected above 900 feet below the surface.
7.       All characteristics of the Neola breccia pipe are similar to those described in historic technical literature for numerous other known mineralized breccia pipes.

The drill core is being split in standard fashion and sent to a Certified assay laboratory in Vancouver BC Canada (News Release 52).  The core is being assayed for 63 different elements, corresponding to surface geochemical assays and the results are expected in due course.

The Neola breccia pipe is different in one characteristic. The pipe measures approximately 600 feet in diameter whereas the average breccia pipe at this level is about 300 feet in diameter.  The Neola subsidence zone around the breccia pipe is quite large and this may relate to the size of the breccia center.  The Company believes this is a favorable factor.  However until a vertical hole is drilled down the center of the breccia pipe, penetrating to the historic depths where mineralization has been intersected in other mineralized breccia pipes, no determination can be made about possible mineralization.  This depth is expected to range from 900 to 1500 feet to the top of the potential mineral zone which typically continues for about 600 feet or to a depth of 1,400 feet to 2,100 feet.

Diamond Drill Hole NEOL- 6 has been collared 300 feet south of the collar location of NEOL – 01, 02, 03 and 04.  It will be drilled in a northwest direction to cross under NEOL – 01 and confirm the south half of the Neola breccia pipe.  After the breccia pipe has been sufficiently defined, the center of the pipe will be determined and a vertical hole drilled to test for mineralization at depth.

The Company is very pleased with the results of this work.  We have progressed methodically in a series of carefully planned steps since starting uranium exploration three years ago.  These steps are summarized as follows:

1.       Determined that the price of uranium would go up from the then spot price of $19 per pound to the current long-term contract price of $95 per pound.
2. Identified the district where historically the highest grade uranium in the United States
and second highest grade in the world has been mined in the past – the Arizona Strip.
3. Moved quickly, before our competitors, to acquire the l

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