NR 74 – Liberty Star Options Porphyry Copper Targets In Arizona and a Precious Metal Target In Nevada

Tucson, Arizona—April 29, 2008—Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp. (the “Company”), (OTCBB symbol: LBSU) is pleased to announce  that the Company has leased, with an option to purchase, three properties from JABA US Inc. in Arizona and Nevada, USA.  Liberty Star President James A. Briscoe controls JABA US INC and Dr. J. M. Guilbert, Director of the Company, holds a small stock position as well.  The properties in Arizona have potential for copper, moly, gold, silver lead and zinc and are porphyry copper, targets for which Arizona is well  known.  The property in Nevada has potential for disseminated gold and silver.  Liberty Star can earn up to 100% interest in the three properties by keeping up annual assessment work and spending $175,000 in exploration expenditures on the properties between April 2008 and January 1, 2011.  The Company will pay JABA US Inc. a sliding scale NSR royalty from production on the properties related to grade of metal production. The option on these properties will give the company additional opportunities to participate in high copper, molybdenum and precious metal prices from prospects in long established mineral districts.
Beatty Mining District, Nevada – The Providence Patented Mining Claim This patented mining land lies on and forms the northeastern pit wall of the Montgomery-Shoshone (M-S) open pit, mined in the 1990s by Lac Minerals and others for disseminated gold and silver.  A parallel vein system continuous from the M-S open pit on the Providence has yet to be drill tested for disseminated precious metal mineralization.  The Providence Mine was historically the second most productive mine in the southern part of the Beatty mining district, after the M-S.
Silver Bell Mining District, Arizona – East Silver Bell project — This area is contiguous with patented mining claims owned by ASARCO Mining LLC (ASARCO) and includes 26 unpatented lode mining claims. They cover a previously unrecognized porphyry copper center in the Silver Bell mining district.  Recognition of small amounts of leached capping in the Silver Bell caldera moat structure on the far eastern end of the district led to methodical prospecting by geochemical, geophysical, geologic and leached capping interpretation by Jim Briscoe and Dr John Guilbert.  Shallow rotary drilling by Valarie Gold Corp. in 1996 revealed profound leached capping typical of the other ASARCO porphyry copper mines in the district at Oxide, El Tiro and North Silver Bell open pit mines.  Drilling at that time did not penetrate this capping, thicker than typical in the exposed part of the district.  Later, circa 1997 Kennecott Exploration drilled two rotary drill holes.  One of these was lost and one penetrated to 1,000 feet cutting sulphides and a small amount of chalcocite enrichment.  Because of low copper prices Kennecott relinquished the ground.  Part of the mineral body may lie on ASARCO patented land.  The ASARCO SX/EW (solvent extraction/electro winning) plant is approximately 4 to 5 miles to the west.  This could be a processing source for a heap leach or an in situ leaching operation.  No grade or tonnage figures have been developed for this mineral zone.  The claims are within the Ironwood National Monument, which was established after the claims were staked.
Tombstone, Arizona – Tombstone Porphyry Center — These claims consist of 33 unpatented lode mining claims over a projected covered porphyry copper mineral center.  Mining exploration effort over the last two decades by Jim Briscoe together with data from studies of numerous prospectors, geologists and mining engineers since the Tombstone mines discovery in  1887 revealed strategic exploration guides to mineralization in the Tombstone Hills mining districts, now recognized as part of a large volcanic

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