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Message to Shareholders

July 24, 2014

The need for a continuous, secure supply of rare earth elements is widely reported. The rare earths mining industry is responding to this need, including Liberty Star; we seek to explore and develop the large (7 – 9 sq mile) rare earth metals anomaly discovered at Hay Mountain in southeast Arizona.

In that endeavor we have engaged a lobbying group, VogelHood Research (NR 181) to bring the Liberty Star REE story before the appropriate congressional subcommittees. Yesterday we submitted Testimony for the Record to the House Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources for the July 23rd hearing on “American Metals and Mineral Security: An examination of the domestic critical minerals supply and demand chain.” Mineweb covered the hearing – Dorothy Kosich “Coherent national mineral policy a must for U.S. manufacturing, Congress told

Liberty Star’s website includes several links to news, educational articles and videos reinforcing our aim to concentrate on the exploration of the REE anomaly at Hay Mountain.

Summary of REE information shared on our website:


Short overview on the uses and the looming shortage of REEs. Good if you only have 3 minutes for the issue: DNews hosted by Anthony Carboni, Why We Need Rare Earth Elements

Commentary and information about the military uses of REEs by metals expert commentator/consultant Jack Lifton. This video was produced by Ucore, the owners of the rare earth Bokan Mountain Mine (AK): ucoreTV:  Jack Lifton – USDOD & Ucore


Rare earth elements are required for a wide variety of modern electronic, autos and weapons systems:

Uses of REEs Courtesy of American Elements Liberty Star’s Jim Briscoe used this graphic in in his article, About Rare Earth Elements Both were submitted as Testimony for the Record to the House Committee on Natural Resources Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources Hearing on “American Metals and Mineral Security: An examination of the domestic critical minerals supply and demand chain” (NR 184)

According to US Geological Survey officials, rare earth elements bonanza in the USA:

Alan Farnahm World News/ABC News:Old Mine Tailings: New Mother Lode For Rare Elements

Arizona could become a center for REE mining:

University of Arizona Department of Mining and Geologic Engineering Head, Professor Mary Poulton and Arizona Geologic Survey Director and State Geologist Lee Allison comment:

Nathan O’Neal ‘Rare earth’ mineral could mean revival for Arizona’s mines

Lee Allison Arizona Geology: Blog of the State Geologist of AZ Rethinking rare earth element potential in Arizona

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