CEO UPDATE: James A. Briscoe Comments on Recent Gold Price Movement Up

James A. Briscoe Comments on Recent Gold Price Movement Up

July 06, 2016

Barbara Carroll, Director and Vice President at International Star, Inc., another mining/exploration company with offices in Tucson, Arizona, has recommended an informative article via a LinkedIn group we both belong to. Barbara is a longtime friend and colleague; when she has something to share, I am certainly interested.

The article in Streetwise Reports, “A Bull Market in Gold Is Now Confirmed” is by Jack Chan, a technical analyst with a long involvement in mining sector stocks. He notes “we have been patiently waiting for the confirmation of a bull market in gold, and this past week we have just that” and “the 2015 high in gold prices is now exceeded.”  While Chan will be looking for dips to accumulate, this is good news for the gold mining community.

Our gold anomaly at Hay Mountain, approximately 1 square mile, was at first established through geochemical studies …….Continue reading here



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