CEO Summary: XRF Geochem Analysis for Battery Metals at Hay Mountain

James Briscoe, Chairman, CEO, Chief Geologist

For clarity:  Hay Mountain (Cochise County, Arizona) is in fact a typical Paleozoic limestone hosted porphyry copper emanating from a quartz monzonitic stock indicated by our detailed geophysics. In laymen’s terms; a body of solidified granite at depth. Its characteristics are known from both the Lowell – Guilbert Porphyry Copper Model and from all similar porphyry copper deposits in southeast Arizona and northern Mexico. Before his recent death, John Guilbert and I collaborated on geochemistry, geophysics, geologic and alteration characteristics and reached the preceeding conclusion. The best high-grade ore mineralization is in the lower layers of the limestones particularly exemplified by the nearby Bisbee deposit only 15 miles to the south of the Hay Mountain Project, and by the alteration zone around the Sunnyside porphyry and its lead, silver, zinc, manganese peripheral Taylor deposit under development by Arizona Mining [TSE: AZ].  Hay Mountain is in the marble front (see Sunnyside diagram below, by geologist Dr. Peter Megaw).  Other porphyry copper characteristics of Hay Mountain include pervasive metal zoning out from the porphyry center, prolific breccia pipes, and prolific quartz veins, some up to 10 or more feet wide.  Work conducted at Silverbell, Arizona in the 1990’s with Dr. John Guilbert and geochemist Shea Clark Smith documented the numerous types of zoned metals, which we see at Hay Mountain…..Click here to read the LinkedIn article











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