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Adam P. Hawkins State and Local Public Policy & Environmental and Natural Resources Consultant

Mr. Hawkins has a MBA, Thunderbird School of Global Management and graduated cum laude, Arizona State University.  Mr. Hawkins is a well regarded consultant  specializing in a range of public policy issues including environment, water, natural resource, taxation, human resource, commerce, transportation and public lands at all levels of government from municipal to federal, including regulatory. Mr. Hawkins also assists clients on how to effectively position their projects in the  public arena, including how to identify key stakeholders, activate the community through conventional contact and social media, as well as forging partnerships with key non-governmental organizations. Previously, Hawkins worked for Rio Tinto with the global mining leader’s executive and legal teams on legislative, regulatory and policy shifts necessary to developing some of the largest mining projects in North America. Mr. Hawkins has experience working with policymakers and regulators in multiple states, with an emphasis on Arizona and Alaska.



Gene C. Rosenlund Microsoft Project Consultant and Administrator, Exploration Geologist

Mr. Rosenlund has a Master of Science Degree, Geology from the Colorado State University. He is currently a project     management consultant (Integrated Geologic Services, LLC) specializing in Microsoft Project software to monitor personnel,  equipment acquisition/usage, and expenditures for multimillion dollar projects.  While Gene began his career as an exploration geologist, he has worked as a Vice President – Project Management for Bank of America for the last 12 years, where he made extensive use of Microsoft Project in the management of multiple large projects involving many people and resources.  He has worked throughout the western United States in mineral resource exploration, evaluation, development, mapping, data management & 3D modeling and has experience in software systems/ process development, quality & regulatory compliance, and vendor management for commercial contracts. Gene’s management, systems and geology background will help him in the use of Microsoft Project to monitor the operational and financial management of Liberty Star’s Hay Mountain and other Liberty Star projects.


Clark Smith


Shea Clark Smith, MSc., P.Geo. Geochemist

Mr. Smith owns and operates Minerals Exploration & Environmental Geochemistry, a laboratory, research, and consulting company that focuses on the detection of deeply buried metal and geothermal deposits. He is particularly known for his biogeochemistry and soil gas work in North America, and particularly the Great Basin of Nevada. He was Chief Geochemist for Houston Oil and Minerals (later Tenneco Minerals), Chief Geochemist for Philips Petroleum/Strategic Minerals Group, and Chief Geochemist for American Selection Trust (later British Petroleum Minerals/Kennecott) before launching MEG in 1984. He is a member of several professional societies, past Councilor of the Association of Applied Geochemists, and past editor of Explore Newsletter. Mr. Smith has a BS and MS in Geology and Geochemistry.


Mike Schaefer


Michael J. Schaefer Geo-Information Specialist/Analyst

Mr. Schaefer is a Geoscience and GIS consultant and principle of Geo-Information Solutions ( He specializes in geologic, hydrologic, and geochemical GIS, data management and data analysis solutions for the Mining and Environmental Industries, and government. Mike has a BS and MS in Geology and has over 20+ years experience in the mining industry; 7 years experience owning and operating Geo-Information Solutions and prior to that 13 years of work experience with major mining companies where most recently he managed the western US Exploration for Noranda Inc.



Dr. Charles A. Ferguson   Research Geologist

B.S., University of Kansas, M.S., New Mexico Tech, and Ph.D., University of Calgary.
Dr. Ferguson is a structural geologist with an extensive background in volcanology.  Interpreting the structural and eruptive history of volcanic fields throughout the southwest has become a specialty.  Using a somewhat novel approach to mapping volcanics that involves an emphasis on phenocryst mineralogy rather than volcanic textures, Ferguson has unraveled the structural and eruptive histories of several, previously poorly understood volcanic fields. Ferguson’s experience with volcanic rocks was gained chiefly during his Masters thesis research at New Mexico Tech. His main interest and first love in geology is, however, compressional mountain belts.  His interests have taken him from the Mackenzie Mountains of northern Yukon and the Katmai volcanic arc of southwestern Alaska and many other areas. His Ph.D. research at the University of Calgary in one of the world’s most impressive fold belts deep within the metamorphic internides of the Canadian Cordillera involved detailed study of slaty cleavage, a phenomenon that his fascinated geologists for over three centuries.

In Memoriam:
Dr. John M. Guilbert Master Explorationist

Dr. John M. Guilbert held the position of Professor Emeritus at the University of Arizona. Dr Guilbert will be remembered as a world-renowned and award winning geologist & author. He was the co-developer of the Lowell-Guilbert porphyry copper model, and recipient of mining’s two most prestigious awards, the R. A. F. Penrose Medal (1998) and the D. C. Jackling Award (2001). Dr Guilbert has served as a director on two TSX Venture companies and now brought his extensive exploration experience to Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp. He passed away October 17, 2017.

Primary Geophysical, Geologic, Mining and Environmental Consulting Firms:

Geotech Ltd., Specialists in Helicopter Borne EM Geophysics, Ontario, Canada

MWH International Mining and Environmental Consultants with offices in Anchorage, Alaska & Phoenix, Arizona

Montgomery & Associates specialists in water resources and permitting with offices in Tucson, Phoenix, Denver, Santiago de Chile, and Lima, Peru