BCSP 2005 Big Chunk during winter, aerial view

BCSP 2005 Fuel Transfer pump to transfer jet fuel from pontoon plane to fuel dump central Big Chunk claims for diamond core drills

BCSP 2005 LIberty Star Chopper from Precision Helecopters

BCSP 2005 Field Work,claim staking

BCSP 2004-2005 season Iliamna HQ

BCSP 2005 Rock chip sampling from broken outcrop

BCSP 2005 Claim post prep

BCSP 2005 Geochem Field Lab staffed by local Iliamna residents – ChasityAnelon,19

BCSP 2005White Sox: “Generally trees don’t grow very large here. White Sox was named for the biting flies that have white feet, not the baseball team” –Jim Briscoe

BCSP Geologists: NickVanTreek PhilStGeorge JoshAnderson EvanTwelker