Copper, Mineral Deposits, and the Geology of Southeast Arizona


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Excelsior Mining Corp (Liberty Star is not affiliated with Excelsior Mining)

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   National Mining Hall of Fame

Kenyon E. Richard
1915 – 1993

James Harold Courtright
1908 – 1986

These outstanding exploration geologists were mentors to CEO/Chief Geologist Jim Briscoe early in his career.
James Harold Courtright “James Harold Courtright was an extraordinary exploration geologist. He teamed up with his life-long colleague and friend Kenyon E. Richard to produce an exploration record for ASARCO Incorporated that was described in the 1995 Arizona Geological Society Digest 20 as “…the all-time most successful porphyry copper program.”
Kenyon E. Richard “Kenyon Richard was born in San Francisco and graduated magna cum laude from the University of Nevada, Reno, in 1937. He then joined the E. N. Pennybaker exploration team with Consolidated Coppermines Corp. at Ely, Nevada, as a geologist, and in 1941 he hired Harold Courtright. In 1945, Kenyon and Harold joined American Smelting and Refining Co. in Salt Lake City as exploration geologists. They were destined to become perhaps the most famous and successful team in the history of mineral exploration.”
 Lowell – Guilbert Porphyry Copper Model
JMG Porphyry Copper Model

Fig. 1 Lowell and Guilbert, 1970

“Porphyry copper deposits, in idealized form (Fig. 1), are each centered on an igneous intrusion composed of porphyry, which is a fine grained granitic rock with larger crystals of feldspar. The porphyry is surrounded by concentric shells containing different mineral assemblages that reflect the conditions of hydrothermal alteration and mineralization at the time that the magma was intruded and crystallized to form the porphyry. Copper is typically concentrated at a specific zone within these concentric alteration-mineral assemblages. This model has been used to help find porphyry copper deposits where only parts of the alteration zones have been located. The idealized porphyry copper model was identified by J. David Lowell, an exploration geologist working on the San Manuel porphyry copper deposit north of Tucson, and University of Arizona geology professor John Guilbert.” From Arizona Geology and New Concepts in Geosciences, AZGS, 2013

Lowell & Guilbert Porphyr Model Applied to Hay Mountain 01.09.2017

James A. Briscoe’s Exploration Projects, California & Nevada

“Napa County’s Mother Lode”     Napa Valley Register, 2009
Wind Mountain Project
The Story of the Wind Mountain Gold and Silver Mine
Western Mining History – Wind Mountain Mine
McDermitt Mine History Of Discovery
Silver Predator McDermitt Mine

Science & Industry

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Dr. Karen J. Wenrich, Research Geologist – Uranium

Uranium Mining in Arizona – High Grade and Safe 
LEGISLATIVE HEARING ON H.R. 644 – The Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands of the Committee on Natural Resources – July 21, 2009 
Recognition of Breccia Pipes in Northern Arizona  By Karen Wennrich and Hoyt Sulphin (1988)  

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