Glossary Mining & Geology Terms

JMG Porphyry Copper Model

Dr. J. Guilbert Porphyry Copper Model

Copper & Hay Mountain

Skarn Deposits

Arizona Mining Permitting Guide  Skarn Copper Deposits
AZ Land Department, 2011 Copper Investing News, 2011
What is a Porphyry Copper Deposit? Skarn and Skarn Deposits 
David F Briggs Jan 11, 2014 Dr. Larry Meinert
The Bisbee Group of the Tombstone Hills, Southeastern Arizona– High Sulfidation and Low Sulfidation Porphyry Copper
Stratigraphy, Structure, Metamorphism, and Mineralization  Characteristics, Continua, and Causes
(PDF) U.S. Geological Survey, 1996 Dr. Marco T. Einaudi
“The Legacy of Copper Mining in Arizona” (Video)
Arizona Mining Alliance, 2012
“Copper Facts”
Copper Development Assoc Inc.
Mining Hall of Fame
James Herold Courtright
Kenyon E. Richard



Briscoe’s Exploration Projects, California & Nevada

“Napa County’s Mother Lode”
Napa Valley Register, 2009
Wind Mountain Project
The Story of the Wind Mountain Gold and Silver Mine
Western Mining History – Wind Mountain Mine
McDermitt Mine History Of Discovery
Silver Predator McDermitt Mine

Science & Industry

Arizona Geological Survey  (Website)

Anatomy of a Mine from Prospect to Production (PDF)

United Stated Department of Agriculture, Forest Service

Caldera Demonstration Model (Video)

From the USGS, 2010


Why We Need Rare Earth Elements (Video)

Jack Lifton – USDOD & Ucore (Video)

Old Mine Tailings: New Mother Lode For Rare Elements‘Rare earth’ mineral could mean revival for Arizona’s mines

Rethinking  rare earth element potential  in ArizonaThe Uses of REEs Courtesy of American Elements (PDF)


Dr. Karen J. Wenrich, Research Geologist – Uranium

Uranium Mining in Arizona – High Grade and Safe 
LEGISLATIVE HEARING ON H.R. 644 – The Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands of the Committee on Natural Resources – July 21, 2009 (PDF)
Recognition of Breccia Pipes in Northern Arizona (PDF)
By Karen Wennrich and Hoyt Sulphin (1988)  

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