209        10/17      Liberty Star’s Hay Mountain Exploration Plan of Operation Extension Approved

208        07/28     Liberty Star Pays Federal Lode Claims

207        06/23     Liberty Star’s CEO James A. Briscoe Updates the Hay Mountain Project

206        06/08     Liberty Star Extends Warrants’  Expiration Date By Three Years

205        06/03     Liberty Star Conducts Private Placement

204        05/19     Liberty Star’s Phase 1 Exploratory Drilling at the Hay Mountain….

203        03/17     Liberty Star’s Hay Mountain Project Plan of Operation Approved By ASLD

202        03/16     Liberty Star’s Form S-1 Registration Statement Filed With the U.S. SEC Is Declared Effective

201        01/21     Liberty Star – LBSR Joins the OTCBB

  Announcements By CEO/Chief Geologist James A. Briscoe

12/7           CEO Year End Update: Liberty Star’s Hay Mountain Project, an Invitation to Shareholders….

10/18         CEO UPDATE: 6 Month Closing Share Price Comparison Chart

10/10         Hay Mountain Project Update: The Rare Earth Elements Anomaly

09/28        About Financial Management of Phase 1 Drilling at the Hay Mountain Project – By James A. Briscoe

09/21         Advances in Geochemistry Restore Gold Exploration Efforts Globally and Closer to Home

09/08         LBSR: Watch This Interview – “The Gold Bull Run Is On!”

09/06         Answer to a LBSR Shareholder

08/19         CEO UPDATE: Portable XRF Analyzers by Thermo Fisher Scientific and the Hay Mountain Project

08/15         Hay Mountain & Other Liberty Star Projects  Featured in Metals Newsmetals news logo

07/06         CEO UPDATE: James A. Briscoe Comments on Recent Gold Price Movement Up

06/18         CEO UPDATE: Hay Mountain Project Update

05/28         CEO UPDATE: James A. Briscoe on x-ray fluorescence and in field procedures at Hay Mountain

05/13         CEO UPDATE: Diamond Drill Rig Proposed For The Hay Mountain Project

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