NR # Date Headline/Link
195 2/24 Hay Mountain Project Update: Added Targets, New Discoveries, and Innovative… 
194 2/18 Liberty Star Announces Statement by CEO/Chief Geologist James A. Briscoe…
193 1/12 Liberty Star’s Porphyry Copper-Gold-Moly Hay Mountain Project: 2014 Summary….
NR # Date Headline/Link
192 11/10 Liberty Star Announces, New Wholly Owned Subsidiary Hay Mountain Super Project LLC… 
191 10/22 Liberty Star Updates Financing & News on the Hay Mountain Project for Porphyry…
190 10/20 Engineer-Attorney Brett Gross Named to Liberty Star Board of Directors
189 10/7 All Liberty Star Projects Update: Land Payments, Field Work and Financing
188 9/29 Liberty Star CEO to Visit East Asia for Naru Capital Roadshow Showcasing Copper…. 
187 8/12 Liberty Star Submits Plan of Operations For Drilling Hay Mountain Project to Arizona…
186 8/6 Liberty Star Signs New Agreement with Naru Capital a Division of naseba, Extending…
185 8/5 Additional Expressions of Interest in Liberty Star’s Copper-Gold-REEs Hay Mtn…
184 7/23 Liberty Star Submits Testimony to US House of Representatives Committee… 
183 7/21 Liberty Star Update: naseba hosted Middle East Trip To Make Presentations…
182 6/19 Liberty Star’s Copper, Gold, REEs Hay Mountain Project: Exploration Drill Planning…
181 6/17 Liberty Star Engages Washington, DC, Based Policy Analytics Firm VogelHood
180 6/11 Liberty Star Completes Initial Selection of Phase 1 Drill Holes to Target Multiple….
179 5/22 Update: Liberty Star’s presentation of proposed exploration at Hay Mountain AZ …
178 5/20 Liberty Star Updates the Hay Mountain Project, Southeast Arizona
177 5/15 Liberty Star and naseba Present Hay Mountain JV Proposal in Saudi Arabia
176 5/12 Liberty Star Signs Final Settlement Agreement and Release of All Claims on Big Chunk
175 4/2 Liberty Star Receives Expanded ZTEM Report Over Tombstone Super Project
174 3/4 Summary: Liberty Star’s Hay Mountain ZTEM Report
173 2/26 Geotech to Present Hay Mountain ZTEM at PDAC 2014
172 1/31  Liberty Star Hay Mountain Project Update: Geophysics & Geochemistry Completed….
171 1/21 Liberty Star’s Hay Mountain Project Update – ZTEM Final Report + Ongoing….. 
NR # Date Headline/Link
170 12/11 Liberty Star Receives Final Draft ZTEM Report
169 12/6 Liberty Star’s Big Chunk Alaska Claims Paid
168 12/3 Liberty Star’s Hay Mountain Project Update
167 11/18 Liberty Star Receives 2D Inversion Database, Interpretation Ongoing for ZTEM Survey…
166 10/28 Liberty Star Updates Highly Productive Beijing, China Roadshow: Further Interpretation of ZTEM..
165 10/11 Liberty Star’s Hay Mountain Preliminary ZTEM Findings
164 10/2 Liberty Star Engages SRK Consulting to Revise Hay Mountain Technical Report
163 9/26 Liberty Star Launches Online Investor Relations Program via AGORACOM
162 9/24 Liberty Star Completes ZTEM Geophysical Survey at Hay Mountain, Southeast Arizona
161 8/28 Liberty Star Pays for All Arizona Project USBLM claims, Liang Resigns
160 7/25 Liberty Star Signs Agreement with naseba
159 7/23 Liberty Star Updates Highly Productive naseba Summit: Mumbai, India
158 7/16 Liberty Star Hay Mountain Update: ZTEM Survey Overflight Completed
157 7/2 Liberty Star CEO to Present at NASEBA, Mumbai, India
156 6/26 Liberty Star’s Hay Mountain ZTEM Survey Update
155 6/18 Liberty Star’s Hay Mountain ZTEM Program Expanded & Flight Commenced
154 6/6 Liberty Star Receives Funding for Hay Mountain ZTEM
153 5/31 ZTEM Overflight of Liberty Star’s Hay Mountain Property to Begin First Week of June
152 5/24 Copper, Gold, Rare Earth Element (REE) Explorer Revises ZTEM Program at Hay Mountain
151 4/26 Copper, Gold Explorer Liberty Star Receives Updated ZTEM Bid
150 4/10 Liberty Star’s Hay Mountain Project Update: ZTEM
149 3/25 Copper, Gold, REE Explorer Liberty Star Operations Update, Southeast Arizona
148 2/22 REE, Gold, Copper Explorer Liberty Star Completes Archeological Study on Hay Mountain
147 2/21 Liberty Star CEO Jim Briscoe to Present at SCIF Orange County Investor Forum
146 1/23 Rare Earth Elements (REEs), Gold, Copper Explorer Liberty Star to Conduct New Geochemical…..
NR # Date Headline/Link
145 11/28 Gold, Copper Explorer Liberty Star Pays 2012-2013 Claims Rent on Big Chunk Super Project…
144 11/14 Gold Copper Explorer Liberty Star Signs New Agreement with Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd…
143 9/19 Copper, Gold Explorer Liberty Star Acquires More AZ State Mineral Exploration Permits on Tombstone…
142 9/17 Gold, Copper Explorer Liberty Star Receives Field Report, Big Chunk Alaska
141 9/7 Gold, Copper Explorer Liberty Star Updates Scout Drilling Program at Big Chunk, Alaska
140 9/6 Pete O’Heeron Named to Liberty Star Board of Directors
139 9/6 Gold, Copper Explorer Liberty Star Submits Work to Alaska Dept. of Mines and Mineral Resources…
138 8/30 Gold, Copper Explorer Liberty Star Receives ZTEM Proposal for the Tombstone Super Project …
137 8/27 Gold, Copper Exploration Drilling Update on Big Chunk Super Project, Alaska
136 8/22 Diamond Core Drill Rig to be Airlifted to LBSR’s Big Chunk Super Project: Immediate Drilling to Begin
135 8/15 Liberty Star Finds Copper, Zinc, Moly, Lead, Silver in Big Chunk Alaska Core Hole #1003, Plans…
134 8/13 Copper, Gold, Moly, Uranium, Rare Earth Elements Arizona Exploration Projects 2012/2013 USBLM…
133 8/6 Liberty Star Airlifting Diamond Core Drill to Copper/Gold/Moly Big Chunk Camp, Alaska
132 7/30 Liberty Star Provides 2012/2013 Exploration Plans Update
131 7/24 Liberty Star Relisted on OTCQB
130 7/24 Liberty Star Signs Letter of Agreement for Encampment and Drilling Services at Big Chunk…
129 7/5 Liberty Star Discovers Large Intrusion Under Tombstone Caldera, Associated with Mineral Deposits
128 7/2 Liberty Star Receives Updated ZTEM, South Block Big Chunk, Alaska
127 6/29 Liberty Star Provides Geochem Update Hay Mountain, AZ: Established, Phase 1 Drill Holes Located…
126 6/28 Liberty Star Announces CEO Briscoe to Meet With Shareholders Throughout USA on a Whirlwind..
125 6/21 Liberty Star’s SEC Form S-1 is in Effect, Up to 10 Million Dollars Available
124 6/18 Liberty Star’s Form S-1 Has Cleared SEC Comments Process
123 5/23 Liberty Star Provides Geochem Update: Vegetation Samples Hay Mountain, Arizona
122 5/15 Liberty Star Provides Geochem Update: Soil Samples Hay Mountain, Arizona
121 4/10 Liberty Star Provides Geochem Update, 2012 Hay Mountain, Arizona
120 3/5 Liberty Star’s Hay Mountain Geochemical Samples Under Analysis at Canadian Facility
119 2/8 Liberty Star Provides 2012 Exploration Update, Hay Mountain, Arizona 
118 2/1 Liberty Star Signs Financing Agreement 
117 1/11 Liberty Star’s Arizona North Pipes Claims Secured Under DOI Moratorium 
NR # Date Headline
116 12/13 Liberty Star Receives Technical Report on the Big Chunk Super Project from SRK Consulting 
115 11/28 Liberty Star Receives Funds from Northern Dynasty Minerals to Pay Big Chunk Claims Fees…
114 11/22 Liberty Star’s Hay Mountain Geochemical Field Work Completed
113 11/2 Liberty Star’s Hay Mountain Claims Undergoing Geochemical Program
112 10/12 Liberty Star Receives Completed Technical Report on Tombstone South
111 10/4 Liberty Star Receives Completed Technical Report on Walnut Creek-…
110 9/27 Liberty Star Receives Completed Technical Report on Hay Mountain-Tombstone…
109 9/20 Liberty Star Acquires 8 Square Miles of Mineral Rights over a Large Porphyry Copper
108 9/7 Liberty Star Announces JV with Sagebrush Gold LTD. For Uranium North Pipes Super Project, Arizona
107 9/6 Liberty Star Pays Rental Fees for North Pipes Super Project Claims
106 8/16 Larry Liang Named President of Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp.
105 8/9 Liberty Star Pays 2011/2012 Claim Fees for Southeastern Arizona Exploration Projects
104 8/3 Liberty Star Discovers Geochemical Anomalies Indicative of a Buried Porphyry Copper-Gold…
103 5/26 Liberty Star Receives SRK Consulting’s First Draft of Technical Report on…
102 3/16 Liberty Star Contracts SRK Consulting To Produce Technical Report on Tombstone Claims
101 2/15 Charles Vollmer Named to Liberty Star’s Board of Directors
100 1/27 Eduardo Othon Named to Liberty Star’s Board of Directors
NR # Date Headline/Link
99 12/21 Liberty Star’s Alaska Claims Paid For By Northern Dynasty Minerals
98 11/16 Liberty Star Raises Cash Through Non-Brokered Private Placements with US Investors
97 9/20 Liberty Star Settles Lawsuit by Warrant Holders
96 9/2 Liberty Star Sued by Warrant Holders
95 7/8 Liberty Star Pays out Creditors, Contracts With Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd.
94 6/4 Liberty Star Receives Notification from Collateral Agent of Default
93 5/18 Liberty Star Receives ZTEM Report – Shows “At Least 6 to 7 Porphyry Copper Signatures” in Big Chunk… 
92 5/6 Liberty Star Receives 2D Inversion ZTEM Data on Big Chunk Super Project AK, S Block
91 4/13 Liberty Star Receives First Phase ZTEM Data from GeoTech LTD. on Big Chunk Super Project AK, S Block
90 4/5 Liberty Star Identifies 12 Potential Porphyry Targets for Further Exploration at the Big Chunk Super… 
89 1/5 Liberty Star Names New Vice President of Business Development, Mexico
NR# Date Headline/Link
88 12/29 Liberty Star Appoints Larry Liang as Director and Vice President
87 12/23 Liberty Star Appoints Keith P. Brill As Director
86 12/1 Liberty Star Raises Cash to Cover Alaska Claim Rental
85 9/28 Liberty Star Renews Claim Rental For All Arizona Properties
84 9/21 Liberty Star Appoints William Cavalier as Director
83 9/9 Liberty Star Completes ZTEM Geophysical Survey at Big Chunk, Alaska and All Assessment….
82 9/1 Liberty Star Makes Reverse Split of Stock on a One for Four Basis
81 8/31 Liberty Star Raises Cash to Cover Claim Rental/ Assessment Work and Corporate Purposes
NR# Date Headline/Link
80 10/22 Liberty Star and NPX Metals Enter Revised Agreement on Gold-Silver Nevada Property
79 9/11 Liberty Star‘s JV Agreement with XState Resources
78 6/20 Liberty Star Signs Confidentiality Agreements with Global Mining Companies on Alaska Gold….
77 6/11 Liberty Star and Mayo Gold Joint Venture on Sonora Gold Property
76 6/9 Liberty Star’s Gold-Silver Providence Project, Nevada
75 6/2 Liberty Star And XState Resources Proceed With Drilling Five Additional Breccia Pipe Targets
74 4/29 Liberty Star Options Porphyry Copper Targets In Arizona and a Precious Metal Target In Nevada
73 4/10 Liberty Star Receives Expression of Interest by More Than One Global Mining Company for JV at….
72 3/26 Liberty Star Changes Direction in Alaska – Seeks Major Partner in Porphyry Copper-Gold-Moly…
71 3/21 Liberty Star TDs Neola Drill Hole 7 and Proceeds with XState Resources to Drill Additional Holes
70 3/5 133.5 g/t (3.9 oz/t) Gold: Liberty Star’s JV Partner Reports One of Sixteen Samples in 2007….
69 2/25 Liberty Star Prioritizes 45 Pipes For Sequential Drilling
68 2/19 Liberty Star Defines South Half of Neola Breccia Pipe, Drill Hole 7 Will Test the Pipe to Depth
67 2/12 Liberty Star Defines North Half of Neola Breccia Pipe, Drill Hole 6 Collared to Define South Half
66 2/11 Liberty Star Completes Regional GeoChem Analsysi and Interpretation of North Pipes Targets
65 2/6 Liberty Star Uranium Drill Hole 5 Cuts Breccia, Elle JV Reveals Three New Priority Targets
64 2/5 Liberty Star Uranium Completes Four Drill Holes At Neola Target Area
63 1/29 Robert B. Fields Appointed To Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Board of Directors
62 1/23 Liberty Star Uranium Completes Clean Out of Old Holes, Starts Drilling Neola Pipe Targets
61 1/9 Liberty Star Uranium Announces Progress, Diamond Drill Program