Date Item # Title/Link
9/13 2108 Liberty Star Updates Progress on Gold Property Red Rock Canyon, Cochise County, Arizona
8/24 NR 219 Liberty Star Executes a Financing Agreement for Drilling Red Rock Canyon Gold Project, in Cochise County, Arizona (GlobeNewswire)
8/17 2107 Liberty Star Announces New Field Office Near the Hay Mountain Project, Cochise County, Arizona | Liberty Star’s 2021 MEP Annual Assessment Work at Red Rock Canyon
8/6 2106 Liberty Star Announces Approval of Application for OTCQB Listing
7/1 2105 Liberty Star Releases Revised Red Rock Canyon Gold Property Technical Report
5/26 2104 Liberty Star Releases Latest Assay Results from the Gold Prospect Red Rock Canyon Tract of the Hay Mountain Project in Cochise County, Arizona, USA
5/21 NR 218 Liberty Star Presents New Technical Report on Gold Prospect Red Rock Canyon Tract of the Hay Mountain Project in Cochise County, Arizona, USA
3/15 2103 LBSR Releases More Assay Results from The Hay Mountain Project Red Rock Canyon MEP Area
2/25 2102 Liberty Star Minerals (LBSR: OTCPK) Completes Reverse Split
2/3 2101 Hay Mountain Project Update: New Arizona Mineral Exploration Permits and Assessment Work Completed
12/16 218 Liberty Star Minerals Adds New Hay Mountain Project UVF Study Sponsored by an Outside Source
12/8 217 Hay Mountain Project Map through November 2020
11/11 216 Gold Mineralization Expands Economic Potential at the Hay Mountain Project in New State Mineral Exploration Permit Lands ASSAY RESULTS
10/13 215 Liberty Star Minerals (LBSR) Adds New Land to The Hay Mountain Project
10/5 214 Hay Mountain Project Update: Recent Presidential Executive Order, Land Payments / Field Work
9/10 213 New Confidentiality Agreements for Liberty Star’s Hay Mountain Project SE Arizona
8/28 212 New Geoscientific Report on Hay Mountain Project July 2020 Field Mapping Report
7/27 211 Liberty Star Minerals Acquires Permits Over Robbers Roost Adjacent to the Hay Mountain Project
6/25 210 Liberty Star Minerals Completes Annual Assessment At  Hay Mountain 
6/24 209 Liberty Star Minerals Adds 400 Acres of Federal Lode Claims
6/23 208 Liberty Star Receives New Confidentiality Agreement from Intl Miner
3/18 207 President’s Statement: COVID-19
3/6 206 Liberty Star Receives Multiple Expressions of Interest |Hay Mtn Project
2/14 205 Liberty Star Geoscientific Reports available on
2/11 204 New Tweet – AZLD sends MEP receipts CRITICAL AREA
1/31 203 Liberty Star Minerals (LBSR)Technical Data, Studies Available
1/16 202 Liberty Star Engages Mineral Exploration Consultant Alan Wilson
1/15 201 Liberty Star New Arizona Mineral Exploration Permits Paid For 2020
12/18 914 New on Twitter: Geochem report & Geophysical 3D inversion completed
12/16 913 Liberty Star’s Board Chairman Pete O’Heeron Ranked #3 in The Silicon Review Magazine’s 30 Best CEOs of 2020
12/5 912 Thirteen Liberty Star Mineral Exploration Permits Approved
10/29 911 President’s Update
10/21 910 Liberty Star adds over 9 square miles to the Hay Mountain Project
10/18 909 New Tweets – North Hay Mountain & New XRF Analyzer
10/15 NR 217 International mining expert Bernard (Barney) Guarnera joins Liberty Star’s Board of Directors
9/30 908 Liberty Star organizes operational components for Earp Ridge Mines LLC
9/30 907 Liberty Star hires Geotech Ltd. to update Hay Mountain Project ZTEM data
9/30 906 Liberty Star completes annual assessment work at Hay Mountain North (“HMN”)
9/27 NR 216 Liberty Star announces resignation of Jim Briscoe from Board of Directors
8/26 905 Liberty Star Pays Fees for Hay Mountain Project Federal Land Holdings Near Tombstone, Arizona 
7/31 904 Liberty Star’s Hay Mountain Project Geologic Field Operation Plan Approved by the Arizona State Land Department
7/24 NR 215 Liberty Star Announces New Board Director
4/11 903 About Earp Ridge Mines LLC 
3/28 FORM 8K SEC Form 8K: d/b/a Liberty Star Minerals in Arizona 
2/26 902 Message from the President
1/11 901 LSUM Pays Fees for Hay Mountain Project State Mineral Exploration Permits

12/10 808 President’s Statement
12/7 NR 214 Liberty Star Appoints Brett Gross as CEO….
11/28 807 AUDIO: Liberty Star Chief Geologist Jim Briscoe Update – USGS “Great Cluster”
11/19 NR 213 Liberty Star Releases Hay Mountain Technical Report
10/15 806 Liberty Star Adds Land to almost double Hay Mountain holdings w/ a Carlin
gold component & Pays Hay Mountain Federal Claim Fees for 2018 – 2019
8/31 FORM 8K Appointment of Board Directors
8/22 805 CEO Jim Briscoe: SE Arizona welcomes South32’s Hermosa / Taylor
8/10 804 AUDIO: Liberty Star Chief Geologist Jim Briscoe Discusses Latest
Activities in Copper Mining Rich Southeast Arizona
5/29 803 Liberty Star Update Update: Southeast Arizona Exploration News
3/12 802 REPORT Hay Mountain Project: field visits & new discoveries by two different teams
3/5 801 To LinkedIn Contacts: Early Stage Opportunity –  Hay Mtn. Project 


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